A MUM who raised more than £80,000 for charity has vowed to keep going despite battling a dangerous heart condition – 10 years after winning an Evening Times hero award.

Moira Buck has spent more than a decade raising cash for dozens of charities around Glasgow, all while having multiple open heart surgeries to repair a hole in her heart which ripped when she gave birth to her daughter Amanda, 29, and a rare genetic disorder which put her at risk of blood clots.

The mum-of-two has never opted to donate any of her funds raised to a heart charity for fear of seeming “selfish” – despite her sister Jacqueline also dying from a heart-related issue at just 25.

But, that’s all changed for the 51-year-old who has now set out on a mission to drum up cash and awareness for organisations dealing with blind Scots after a freak accident changed the life of her 19-year-old son, Lee.

She told the Evening Times: “I’ve always wanted to fundraise for other people. I really enjoy it.

“I started with a charity challenge in my work and it grew from there.

“I’ve never done anything to do with a heart condition but two years ago my son was at a bonfire and he and his friends were chopping up wooden pallets and a nail came flying off and went through his eye.

“It took his pupil out and he had some other issues but he came through. He’s a mechanic now, he passed his driving test and just made me a grandmother to his newborn Aimee Jacqueline.”

Watching Lee come back from his accident stronger than ever encouraged Moira – who won a visit to Murray Park to meet Ally McCoist and the Rangers team when she was crowned our local hero in 2008 – to help others in similar cases and made her realise it was time to accomplish her own dreams.

So, last year she and her partner Alan celebrated their one-year anniversary with an engagement in Dublin.

But Moira wasn’t finished there – instead she turned her sights to a career change.

“I’ve spent so long doing the charity events I’ve become quite good at them so I thought it’s time I did something for myself,” she said.

“I set up MB Events to help throw the events professionally. It’s hard work but I love it.

“I get to help make a difference and I’ve met some incredible people and some really famous people along the way so I want to keep going.”