POLICE Scotland has said its officers were able to get into TEN high-value vehicles in Glasgow’s East End as drivers continue to leave their engines running in the morning.

The shocking fact came to light early today as the city woke up to below freezing temperatures and widespread frost and ice.

The police force regularly reminds the public not to defrost their cars by leaving their keys in the ignition and engine running. However, it seems many are still doing so.

In an alarming tweet this morning, Glasgow East Police wrote: “This morning our officers were able to gain entry to 10 high value vehicles in one estate alone, where the keys were in the ignition&the engine was running.

“When defrosting your car, remain with your vehicle! Your car could be gone in seconds&insurers would not cover the loss.”

A Police Scotland spokesman previously told the Evening Times: “Opportunist thieves operate in residential areas on frosty, cold mornings and they look out for vehicles that have been left with their engine running. It only takes a few seconds for someone to jump into it and drive away.

“We would urge motorists to leave extra time to go outside and defrost the vehicle themselves, and not leave it unlocked with the engine running.”

Be sensible, folks, and heed the cops’ advice.