SCOTTISH travellers on the East Coast line will hear distinctive local accents on the first eve audio journey of the east coast.

Fashion blogger Peter Gemmell, from Glasgow, has joined broadcaster Edith Bowman in narrating the audio journey, created by London North Eastern Railway (LNER).

Track Record features a variety of accents and dialects from more than 20 towns, cities and communities, including Durham, Northumberland and Newcastle.

The audio recording follows the east coast main line, starting in London and finishing in Aberdeen.

Edith, from Fife, collaborated on the track, which features the voices of Peter, LNER’s staff, local school children and people from communities on the train operator’s route.

Edith said: "I am so excited to share our Track Record with you.

"I proudly hail from a small town in Scotland and am very passionate about preserving not just my own accent but all the unique accents we have in Great Britain.

"I hope with LNER that our Track Record will inspire the nation to hear, identify and celebrate a broad range of local accents along its east coast main line."

The Track Record is available to listen to, view and download on