Have you noticed your boyfriend or husband becoming more and attentive, loving and generous in the run up to Valentine’s day?

Well, there’s a reason, it’s now official that Glasgow men are more sentimental than they used to be.

No more cans of Tennent’s and a kebab - it’s red wine and a candle-lit dinner from now on.

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The groundbreaking research, conducted by Deliveroo, found that 87 percent of Glaswegians feel that men are more likely than women to want to have a big celebration for Valentine’s Day.

The research found that more than two thirds (70 percent) of Glaswegian women believe that men are more emotional and romantic than they used to be, with almost of third of them claiming their other half is a true romantic.

The study also revealed that  74 percent of Glaswegians think men are now more sentimental than women.

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The figures also show that Glasgow’s perfect Valentine’s gift is a holiday, with 40 percent selecting it as their dream present. So fellas, if you really want to be romantic this Valentine’s Day, it’s going to cost you.

Glaswegians believe they spend an average of £180 on their partner for Valentines Day – a little less than the average Brit who claim to spend around £221 on their partner.

But that dream holiday to Paris will cost a little bit more.

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