THE SNP face a challenge getting its budget passed at Glasgow City Council next week after the Greens said they won’t be doing a deal.

The seven-strong Green Group said they wanted the SNP administration to publish a draft budget ahead of Budget day next Thursday for public scrutiny or they wouldn’t enter negotiations.

They said the SNP refused, so they are walking away from any potential talks.

It leaves City Treasurer, Allan Gow, potentially having to present a budget without the support of a majority of councillors.

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The Greens said if certainty can be given over Whitehill and Drumchapel swimming pools there must be a budget that can be shared to let other communities know where they stand.

Jon Molyneux, Green councillor, said: “We have been corresponding with the administration and we are working on our own proposals.

“We are confident we will put together a solid set of services, protecting families and vulnerable people respond to the climate crisis.

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“We have been clear we need to see improvements to the budget process. We need more transparency about their proposals. We have asked the administration to publish a draft budget ahead of budget day so people can scrutinise the proposals.

However, he said: “They have refused. As it stands, we won’t enter any budget negotiations.”

Greens said the £41m of cuts that need to be found means the public need to know what could affect their communities.

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Mr Molyneux added: “There are still savings options of a severe magnitude and there is a piecemeal approach to what people know.

“The administration needs to put forward its proposals.

“If they are able to confirm they are not closing Drumchapel or Whitehill pools them they must have a budget to share.

“We will be constructive but they are not meeting the level of openness we require. We expect there to be budget proposals in advance to give enough time for public scrutiny.”

City Treasurer, Allan Gow said: “It’s obviously disappointing the Greens aren’t ready to use their votes to support the priorities of our communities and positive, progressive politics. My door remains open.”

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