THIS season is the best Premiership campaign there has been for many, many years when you consider the managers and players we have in Scotland and the level of competition.

There is an interest from England again and there is a really good feeling about the game up here. And we go and make a complete and utter mess of it.

Anyone that looks at events of the last week or so and the Scottish FA disciplinary outcomes would just laugh at us. What a shambles it has become.

We have worked hard in Scottish football to get it back in the right direction and we are throwing it away with stupidity. I don’t think many people would disagree with that.

Take the Alan Power incident, for example. If your foot is five, six feet in the air and you catch someone in the face with your studs then that is a red card all day long.

He didn’t mean it, I accept that. But why is his foot up there in the first place? It was a dangerous challenge that could have left Ryan Jack with a really nasty injury.

What happens? Power gets booked and no further action is taken by the Compliance Officer.

In the same game, we hard Kirk Broadfoot, already on a booking, taking out Jermain Defoe on the halfway line. That was seen by everyone and on the television, and nothing happens.

Steve Clarke was vocal about the system a couple of weeks ago. Well, he certainly got the breaks of it with those two incidents at Rugby Park.

At Parkhead on the same night, we had the challenges from Jozo Simunovic and Scott Brown that were unbelievable but went unpunished. Not a mention was made.

And then at the weekend have a forearm smash from Paul McGinn. He only gets booked, and again he gets no further punishment.

We are letting ourselves down with absolute stupidity. The system is wrong and it is not working. It is as simple as that.

There is a huge inconsistency in how incidents are being cited and dealt it and we are back to the ‘trial by television’ scenario that has been spoken about before. It would be interesting to see how many players have been cited from each club.

The SFA have to explain why these decisions are being made. That is only fair and only right so that everyone knows what is actually going on here.

Fans are thinking ‘how can Power not get a red card?’ or ‘how did McGinn get away with that?’ But then Alfredo Morelos and Allan McGregor get a three game ban and a two game ban respectively.

It is an absolute nonsense and I think supporters, and those in the game, deserve to know exactly why some incidents are dealt with and others are not. The lack of consistency here is astounding.

I don’t want to know the names of the people that are on the panels. Keep that confidential.

There is no problem with these panels remaining anonymous, but there should be more detail on the process. We can’t be kept in the dark.

How can a challenge that sees a player kicked in the face only be punished with a yellow card but the Morelos incident, where he didn’t put any real pressure into Scott McKenna, is deemed worthy of a red on the night and a two-game suspension?

Can these decisions be explained? Just to say ‘that is the outcome and that’s that’ isn’t acceptable.

We need to have clarity on how they have reached their decisions because it is easy to see why people get upset when certain situations are treated differently to others.

At the moment, people are scratching their heads asking how some players are getting away with challenges and incidents but others are being hit with suspensions that keep them out for a couple of games. It is madness.

The game is in danger of becoming a laughing stock if we don’t sort this system out. We need fairness, consistency and transparency.