PARENTS have welcomed plans to cut traffic at city primaries - but claim councillors may have chosen the wrong schools to target.

The Evening Times exclusively told on Wednesday how cars will be banned at seven schools during a trial to boost safety, active travel and help the environment.

Yesterday, we went out to one of the proposed schools, Toryglen Primary, to find out how families will be affected.

While parents were impressed with proposals to stop traffic for limited times in the mornings and afternoons, they say nearby St Brigid's would be a much better choice.

Stephanie Munro has two children at St Brigid's and one at Toryglen.

She said: "People park up on the pavement and it gets really congested. It's a nightmare at St Brigid's.

"I can be waiting for 10 or 15 minutes for a safe gap to walk the kids across the road.

"Here at Toryglen though there's really no problem."

Another mum, Lorna McCann, added: "One woman parks her car on the corner every day at St Brigid's, blocking the route, and there are regular arguments over it as it's absolutely ridiculous.

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"Banning cars at St Brigid's would make more sense but, overall, it is a really good idea."

Proposals for streets around Bankhead, Broomhill, Hillhead, Lourdes, Our Lady of the Rosary, St Blane's and Toryglen primary schools are currently under consultation by the council.

Views are being sought from the council's Education Services, head teachers, parent councils, community councils, elected members, Police Scotland and other members of the community.

Laura Adamson is mum to Lexi, five, welcomed the idea but added: "I don't think it's too much of a problem at this school.

"At pick up time it can be chaos so it is a good idea and keep the children safer but, for this area, St Brigid's has it much worse."

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Gillian Allison, who's son Aaron, eight, attends Toryglen Primary said: "The way people drive around schools is an absolute disgrace.

"Come 3pm they are speeding down the road and not looking.

"I don't drive but I think this is a good idea to make the roads safer."

A trial will see temporary pedestrian areas created outside the seven schools in the morning and afternoon.

Councillor Chris Cunningham, City Convenor for Education, Skills and Early Years, had said schools were chosen after specific calls from local communities.

Mum Sharon Leddy said: "This is definitely a good idea. Sometimes my girls come out of the main gate and the kids run out to cross the road.

"Some drivers are careful and put on the brakes but others just zoom past.

"I walk every day - there's just no point bringing the car."

There is currently no date set for the trial but the council will update parents.

Stephanie Milligan added: "We really don't have any problems here but at St Brigid's Primary it's a disgrace.

"At 3pm you can't walk along the pavement for people bumped up and the roads are so, so dangerous.

"I don't know why this school has been chosen and not St Brigid's."