It remains the great Scottish scandal of our time. More than a year on from a controversial recipe change, the lower sugar content of Irn Bru remains a catastrophe - the decision which devastated a nation. 

The amber nectar was once one of the great triumphs of this small land, but in 2018 t its makers decided to cut sugar levels, compromising the old recipe in the process. 

For months, the remaining supply was bought in a blind panic, hoarded away, or sold in small batches on the black market that is eBay. 

But now, one shop in central Glasgow has come to the rescue of Irn Bru addicts everywhere, selling crate upon crate of the orange stuff. 

On Thursday, I took it upon myself to try both recipes, pitting old against new in the ultimate Irn Bru taste test. 

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Arriving at News 24 on Gibson Street, staff at the shop were ready for us, prepared with a modern-day can of Bru, costing 59p, and an original recipe serving costing just shy of £4. 

As I prepared for the tasting, my nerves got the best of me. What if I couldn't tell them apart? What if the new recipe was just as good or even better than its teeth-rotting predecessor? 

But as Sheraz, the store's manager, drew back the ring-pull on both cans, I closed my eyes and trusted my gut. 

The first can tasted fine. It had that signature Irn Bru fruitiness which was enjoyable. A perfectly acceptable substitute, but I remained unconvinced of its authenticity. 

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But what came next was unmistakable, an instant sugary hit which seemed to froth around my teeth as the enamel disappeared. It was everything I remembered and more. 

I wasted no time in declaring my winner, and to no surprise of mine, the old recipe Irn Bru prevailed victorious. 

I left with a spring in my step, unsure of whether it originated in my happiness at the correct guess or the sugar coursing through my body. One thing was for certain - for those with an Irn Bru craving, only the original will do. 

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