GLASGOW’S potholes have been visible from space and as deep as four feet ... but could this one be the city’s longest?

The Evening Times was alerted to this lengthy crater on Linthaugh Road in Pollok by an angry reader who criticised the state of the city’s roads.

The council said they were aware of the defects on the South Side road and said they had carried out a “sizeable temporary repair” on Wednesday.

A spokesman added that the road had been earmarked for more permanent solution in the near future.

Earlier this month, we told how 1200 potholes have been reported across Glasgow in the last month.

A total of 1260 craters have been spotted during Glasgow City Council’s routine road inspections, while 1500 have been repaired either ­permanently or temporarily by the local authority’s road teams.

Our photographers captured some of the worst offenders blighting Glasgow roads as our Spothole campaign enters its second month.

Backed by the Institute of Advanced Motoring IAM Roadsmart, we’re calling on readers to report the biggest craters by sending in pictures of the roads which need urgent attention.

The organisation said it has surveyed 7000 of its members across the UK and found that the eight out of 10 said there are more potholes than three years ago and almost half said they had experienced damage to a vehicle as a result of hitting a pothole.

A spokesman for Glasgow City Council said: “Linthaugh Road is a stretch of road where we were already aware of the defects with the road’s surface.

“A sizeable temporary repair was undertaken yesterday (Wednesday) which will help to deal with the pothole problem in the short term.

“The spot has been earmarked for a more substantial and permanent repair and we are currently drawing up plans for this work to go ahead in the near future.”

In January 2013, the Evening Times reported how a roundabout that had become so damaged by traffic the hole in the road could be seen on Google’s satellite maps.

Figures released last year showed Scotland’s roads have the highest number of potholes in the UK and would stretch to a combined depth of nearly four miles.

A total of 154,310 potholes were reported to Scottish councils in 2017 – around 16,000 more than the next worst-hit region, the South-west of England.

It means Scottish motorists are reporting around 423 cavities each day, three times more than counterparts in London.

The figures, collected by insurance firm, come as estimates suggest Scotland is facing a roads maintenance shortfall of £2.25 billion and with councils facing further financial challenges, the figure is set increase.