RESIDENTS in Yorkhill and Finnieston are being asked if they would like to see tougher parking restrictions in the area.

The area's community council believe changes may be necessary due to an increase in drivers attending events and exhibitions at the nearby SEC Campus and Kelvingrove Museum.

Parking control were introduced in St Vincent Crescent, Minerva St, Minerva Way and Corunna St six months ago, which limit parking to 2 hours on those streets from Monday to Sunday from 8am to midnight.

Residents are being asked if they would like to see a similar policy on Claremont Gardens, Woodside Place, Elderslie Street, Clifton Street, Newton Place and Somerset Place.

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Lee Grant, of Yorkhill and Kelvingrove Community Council said: "As a Community Council we fully support these events as they bring vibrancy to our community, helping to support our local businesses.

"However, we also realise the effect they can have on our residents.

"Six months ago we changed the parking restrictions in St Vincent Crescent/Minerva St/Minerva Way/Corunna St to a more stringent approach. Whilst not a perfect solution they do appear to be working."

Parkgrove Terrace Lane & Kelvingrove Square Residents' Association said it was in favour of weekend charging.

A spokesperson said: "The main issue though is enforcement as this is very irregular especially at weekends so it is a bit of a free for all with unsafe parking more regular."

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However Mhairi Mackenzie said parking charges have driven some business owners out of the area.

She said: "I am self employed and worked in The Hidden Lane running a work studio and shop for the past 4 years (and for a spell of 6 years prior to this) but the limited available parking and unreliable bus service mean I just can’t afford it anymore.

"So sadly I will be closing and relocating elsewhere. I know others who have already done the same."

Residents are invited to share their views by email at