IMAGES of Glasgow comedy greats Billy Connolly, Kevin Bridges and Frankie Boyle have been unveiled at a new city centre comedy venue.

The Glee Club, which opened its doors a fortnight ago, is also in the process of adding Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy in kilts from their 1935 film Bonnie Scotland.

The mural, on the approach to the stage area, was painstakingly created by artist Michael Scott who first painted the giant heads after workmen refurbishing the club had left the premises.

He said: “I started the first mural in January and obviously there was a lot of building work happening so I was starting at 4pm and finishing about 12pm.

“It took about 12 days and I was doing an eight to ten hour shift most days.

“I’ve finished the main mural and am now working on a portrait of Laurel and Hardy in kilts.”

The downstairs bar mural features giant heads of Billy Connolly, Kevin Bridges, Frankie Boyle and Bob Hope who also has connections with the city.

Each has their own quotation and set the mood for a night of frivolity and Glasgow humour.

Formerly called Jongleurs, the large venue has been vacant since 2010.

Situated next to Cineworld, customers are greeted by an upside down drum kit which hints at the venue’s wider ambition to host a range of entertainment including live music.

Mark Toghan, who already runs Glee comedy clubs in Birmingham, Cardiff, Nottingham and Oxford, is surprised the venue has been vacant for so long.

Although it is primarily a comedy club, he promises more than laughs with a large venue which can be used for live music, cabaret, and burlesque nights.

Stag and hen parties will also be permitted at the venue and the club’s food offering ensures customers will have something to graze on while they enjoy the entertainment. He said: “We are in the city centre and to some extent we are in the treat business.

“It’s for those who enjoy a big night out. People want that

and they want something special. I feel we are in the right place at the right time.

“Glasgow is a party city and an international city, it ticked all the boxes as far as I’m concerned and more.”

The 600-capacity venue promises four comedy acts on a Friday and Saturday night when the venue will be licensed to midnight.