Royal Bank of Scotland have been voted poorest for customer service in a poll conducted by the Competition and Markets Authority.

In a survey featuring 16 banks, RBS ranked bottom for how likely their personal customer account holders were to recommend using the bank.

This follows the news that RBS has closed 430 branches in the last year, but has promised to avoid closing any further branches until 2020.

The survey revealed that 46 per cent of RBS customers would be willing to recommend the bank to anyone else, Metro Bank topped the poll with 83 per cent.

RBS was also voted poorest in a similar poll by the CMA to find out how likely customers were to recommend their branch to family and friends. 

57 per cent of customers said they would.

Profits at RBS, of which the Treasury has a 62 per cent stake, doubled to £1.6 billion, meaning that around £977 million returned to the Treasury.

The UK Government had to rescue the bank following the financial crisis in 2008.

Andrew Coscelli, Chief Executive of the Competition and Markets Authority, said: "We introduced this survey last August so that people can see exactly how well banks are treating their customers.

"If people are unhappy with the customer service they are currently getting, I would encourage them to look at the results and think about switching to a better performing bank."