Employees at Accento Cafe in Anderston arrived for work this morning to find that the premises had been left badly damaged following a break in.

Between 4pm Friday and the early hours of Saturday morning vandals broke in through the door and according to an employee of Accento "attempted to break into the till".

The owners of the well loved Italian cafe, due to reach its fourth birthday in July have been left distraught saying on Facebook: "We are really sad, not the best way to wake up on a Saturday."

After posting about the break in on Facebook, local customers rallied to the Facebook page in support of Accento Cafe and their owners.

Alessandra, An Accento Cafe employee said to the Evening Times: "Three young boys broke into the shop tonight trying to steal the money from the till.

"It is by far what we were able to see from our cameras.

"Police came to see us and they have been really helpful and they are investigating to catch them.

"Really sad, not the best way to wake up on a Saturday."

Alessandra said despite the break in it will be: "business back to normal on Monday with our coffees and Big Franco!"