OUTRAGED Glaswegians have backed the Evening Times' crackdown on rogue bus drivers who jump red lights.

Dozens of readers have already shared their thoughts online after the launch of our Busted campaign this morning.

We're calling on the city's streets to be made safe with an end to dangerous and inconsiderate driving.

Evening Times:

Readers have been urged to get involved by sharing their own pictures, videos and stories of worrying public transport driving they have spotted across Glasgow.

Frazer Weir wrote: "Something needs done, they indicate then pull right out without seeing if it's clear. God help you if you're on a motorbike as they ignore you completely.

Evening Times:

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"Bus stops? Don't need them, it is easier to stop in the traffic lane causing all behind to have to wait whilst they pick up passengers.

"When they are ahead of their timetable, they doodle along at 15 miles an hour with no consideration to other road users. Late? Then they're right up your exhaust pipe."

While Siobhan McNeill added: "I was a passenger on a 9A bus just last week with my daughter ... as he turned right off Paisley Road west at the side of Paddy Power he hit a car and drove on, the car driver caught him at the bus stop and made him get out and go see the damage to the car. My daughter and I got off and walked the rest of our journey! They are a joke."

Evening Times:

A reader named Kevan said: "Perhaps the worst junction in Glasgow is at Renfield Street/Sauchiehall Street where bus/car/taxi drivers habitually stop on the crossing zone when the lights go against them.

"As a pedestrian, you have to negotiate your way around hoping the 'green man' stays on long enough for you to get across the road.

Evening Times:

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"If it changes, vehicles immediately start to move forward with no regard for any stranded pedestrian."

On our Facebook page, Elaine Fee wrote: "Can you add sitting on the pedestrian crossing when turning right off West George Street. Every night they do it."

Share your pictures, stories and videos via news@eveningtimes.co.uk. 

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