I HAVE made my feelings clear on people who throw coins at a football ground. They should be banned. No ifs or buts, it is a moronic thing to do and you should never be allowed near a football ground again.

So I had a fair bit of sympathy for Kris Boyd at the weekend. No-one should be subject to having something thrown at them. But when it comes to verbal abuse - and I am not saying it is right - you are going to get it having played for one side of the divide.

I should know. I have been back at Ibrox as a former Celtic player within my current media role and there are things said to you that you wouldn't say to your worst enemy. I am not saying it is right. That is the gig in Scotland. Some of the absolute venom that comes out of the mouths of people would amaze you.

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If I am at Ibrox there is anger and real nastiness from certain elements of the support. You don’t want to look in their direction and make eye contact. As sad as it is, is part of having played in Scotland with Celtic.

Kris had a little pop about Celtic fans being the "so-called best in the world" but I just think a little bit of that comes down to the fact he played for Rangers, he is a Rangers fan. His Kilmarnock team had just lost a last minute goal, a goal that changed the complexion of the title race.

We all know what team he bats he for just as you know what team myself and Chris Sutton bat for.

That's just the way it is.