THE grandmother of murdered child Alesha MacPhail has spoken out about the naming of her killer online. 

Writing on Facebook, Alesha's grandmother Angela King objected to 16-year-old Aaron Campbell being named - saying it was 'the last thing' she wanted.

The grieving gran said the teenage killer wanted "notoriety" for his crimes.

Ms King wrote: "I thought I might sleep just a little easier tonight but no...I don't want to speak of him the only person who matters was Alesha...he is never going to be released, he enjoyed his time in court, took pleasure from it, to me his name being revealed is the last thing I want.

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"Why? Because he doesn't deserve notoriety recognition for what he's done. That's what he wants.

"Let him rot and ill see him in hell I don't doubt he'll be there sooner rather than later."

On Friday the 16-year-old boy convicted of raping and murdering Alesha MacPhail has been named in court as Aaron Campbell.

The depraved teen was given anonymity throughout his trial at the High Court in Glasgow due to his age.

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Scotland gives people under the age of 18 statutory anonymity under Section 47 of the Criminal procedure (Scotland) Act 1995.

But a judge can be requested to lift the ban, if it is considered to be in the public interest, so a criminal can be named and pictured.

Campbell, from Ardbeg, Isle of Bute, was told the rape, murder and abduction of six-year-old Alesha was among the ‘wickedest’ crimes ever heard at the High Court in Glasgow.

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