A SCOTS tourist holidaying in Benidorm has died after a street brawl with other Brits.

The man, aged 33, is said to have been involved in a fight and died in the street at the Spanish holiday resort just after 3am this morning (Fri).

Spanish police confirmed that the Scottish man was on holiday at the time.

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Witnesses said he was involved in a bust-up on Gerona Street in the ‘Little England’ area of the seaside resort with other people who ‘appear’ to be British tourists.

Local media reported that the man died in the area not long after two pub workers were stabbed after trying to intervene in a fight between two Brits - one of whom was later imprisoned.

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The victim’s body was taken to the Institute of Legal Medicine to determine the cause of death.

Clarification will be sought over whether he died from a stroke, it was reported.

According to local media, officers discovered two people trying to revive the dead man.

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