The Shawlands community has shared its shock after a local schoolboy was rushed to hospital with stab wounds following a horror attack.

Parents and business owners have said they are shocked by the lunchtime incident outside of Shawlands News on Kilmarnock Road.

The boy, 13, was taken by ambulance to the Queen Elizabeth University Hospital just after 1.30pm with what are believed to be puncture wounds to his left leg.

His condition is not believed to be critical.

Two ambulance units were dispatched to the scene to deal with the boys injuries, with one arriving within two minutes of the first call to emergency services.

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Some reports suggest the boy also suffered a head injury after falling on the pavement beside the bus stop.

Staff from nearby Jano's Barbers said: "There were about 50 or 60 kids outside. They’re normally busy with the takeaway at lunchtime but that’s about double the usual.

"There was what looked like a fight, two guys going for it. We didn’t know he’d been stabbed. When it cleared there was a guy on the floor with a big gash in his left leg.

"It’s absolutely shocking. A wee fight isn’t unusual but nothing like this."

Others who were close by reported a "swarm" of schoolchildren gathering before dispersing, leaving the injured boy on the floor.

He added: "You get a fight once or twice a year but nothing like this.

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"It happened in amongst it all, then the woman and man who own the shop came out to help the boy who was on the floor.

"There was an other couple at the bus stop as well! It’s absolutely terrible. You expect a wee scuffle now and again, just like any school kids, but nothing like this.

On Monday evening schoolchildren from Shawlands Academy could be seen gathering on Kilmarnock Road, with teaching staff stationed across the area managing the movement of the pupils as they left school.

Some students were visibly upset, with one teacher telling a pupil: "Don't worry about him. Just come back into school tomorrow as normal."

Police have reported that a 15-year-old boy has been arrested in connection with the incident.

Officers remain on the scene, with Kilmarnock road partially closed northbound, with the 38, 3 and 4 bus services affected.

The road is expected to have reopened by Tuesday.

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