A device sent to Glasgow University was allegedly intended for a British army recruitment officer who works there.

The 'IRA' has allegedly claimed responsibility for the suspicious package delivered to the campus last week.

The group, calling itself the 'IRA', said it had sent five devices to "commercial targets" and British army recruitment officers across the UK.

Only four have been discovered.

One was found inside a parcel delivered to the University of Glasgow mailroom.

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The find prompted an evacuation of the campus before bomb disposal experts were called in to inspect the package.

A controlled explosion was carried out.

Police Scotland confirmed that they are linking the device to similar ones sent to three locations in London and are working with the Metropolitan Police - but added that they are keeping an 'open mind' about those responsible.

In a statement using a recognised codeword, the Northern Irish paramilitary organisation claimed responsibility for sending the devices.

According to the Irish News, the 'IRA' claimed that three were sent to “commercial targets” while the remaining two were posted to British army recruitment officers.

The group said a device discovered at Glasgow University was intended for a British army recruitment officer who works there.

It claimed the remaining undiscovered device was also sent to a recruitment officer.

The organisation has claimed that all of the devices contained explosives.

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Police Scotland said the package received by the campus last week bore similarities to the devices sent in the past which were linked to 'dissident groups associated with Northern Ireland-related terrorism'.

Businesses, sectors and the public are being urged to be vigilant and report suspicious packages to police.

The advice was previously sent to armed forces personnel and is being reiterated again in light of the claim.