A FREAK heatwave had lulled me into a false sense of security.

Summer was approaching and my workload would finally be winding down, I thought.

I was daydreaming of taking the Buick up the coast and heading to the beach with Toots – the good life was approaching.

But, it didn’t last for long.

A disaster case and weather to match soon hit, taking away in dreams of summer sunshine.

As I stood in the city, surrounded by a grey sea of umbrellas and a hunger pang deep in the pit of my stomach, I knew exactly what I needed to get my Friday feeling back.

I hopped in the Buick and raced to pick up the Moll from her favourite ladies’ lounge.

“Where are we going?” she asked as I pulled up.

“Just get in, I know exactly where we’re going.”

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As I pulled up to the joint in the East End, I was instantly pleased with my choice.

No frills, no hassle, just good comfort food – exactly what I needed.

St Luke’s offers straightforward comfort food in a relaxed atmosphere.

I opted to kick things off with a portion of nachos – going for the smallest option available because I knew I had my eyes on a big main.

The guacamole, salsa and cheese combination was sublime and exactly what was needed to pull me through a freezing cold day and the prospect of a week filled with mind-numbing cases.

Goldilocks was feeling much more adventurous.

She selected a portion of hot chicken wings and was excited at her choice.

“These are really good,” she said as she stuffed them into her mouth like it was her last meal.

A short while later the mains arrived.

For me, it was a fish supper. A massive slice of fish in perfectly cooked batter with mushy pease, chips and pickled onions – as traditional as can be.

The Moll went for the more luxurious choice of steak and chips, finished off with onion rings and peppercorn sauce.

Both were delicious.

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Toots boldly claimed the peppercorn sauce was the best she’d ever had and said the steak was done exactly as she wanted.

I couldn’t have asked for a better slice of fish and the extras were fantastic.

The chips could’ve used a little work, though.

They were just a little too thick and a little too hard for my liking.

We were both too stuffed from the massive portion sizes to attempt a dessert, so we quickly downed our drinks and headed back out to the Buick.

It was cheap, cheerful and exactly what we needed to take away our winter blues. We’ll definitely be back.



Wee nachos - £5

Wings - £6 for 5


Steak and chips - £20

Fish supper - £11


Lemonade - £2.50

Irn-Bru x2 - £5

Total £49.50


FOOD - ⭐⭐⭐


SERVICE - ⭐⭐⭐⭐

St Luke’s 
Calton, 17 Bain Street, Glasgow, G40 2JZ
Tel: 0141 552 8378