EVENING Times readers have had their say on whether they want to see another Scottish independence referendum or not.

It comes after we reported how the majority of Scots do not want another independence referendum for at least five years, according to a new survey by Survation.

That poll gave the SNP a 19-point lead over the Scottish Conservatives, but showed that less than a third of Scots want another vote in the near future.

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The Survation poll of more than 1,000 people in Scotland found that 32% never want another referendum, while a further 28% would not want a rerun of the 2014 vote before 2024 at the very earliest.

In a separate Twitter poll conducted by the Evening Times, 68% of voters said they do want to see another referendum.

In another separate in-article poll, 86% of readers said they, too, would like to see another vote.

Although in no way scientific polls, they could give an insight into the mindset of Scottish voters when it comes to the topic of independence.

Despite the apparent lack of support for another referendum in the near future, and Theresa May’s spokesman saying the UK Government’s position has not “changed one bit”, the SNP’s depute leader Keith Brown welcomed the Survation poll’s findings and said independence was more popular than any Brexit deal.

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Mr Brown said: “Support for independence is now higher than backing for any kind of Brexit – which is why the Tories are running scared of giving people a say on their future because they fear they would lose.

“This poll shows a big majority of people support an independence referendum and no wonder, when the Westminster system is clearly broken.”