It might come as surprise that Glasgow has been named one of the best cities in the world to visit - but not to city residents.

Following the news that Time Out magazine has ranked the city eighth out of the 48 of the world's top destinations, our readers shared their delight.

Maureen Cullen said: "That's so true it is the people that makes Glasgow, what you see is what you get."

John Kennedy added: "That's not a surprise to me and any Glaswegian we always knew that our city was the friendliest in the UK."

Another Glasgow resident, commented: "Not surprised at all! Glasgow prides itself on the generosity of its residents.

"If you ever visit the city, you must go and see the museums and art galleries, The Barrowlands as well as making a stop at Fopp Union St and FOPP ByersRoad."

Jan Robson said her daughter loves Glasgow so much, she's decided to move to the city.

She wrote: "My lovely 19 year old daughter (she’s a Geordie living in Liverpool) has a place at Glasgow uni to study Biochemistry in September.

"She loves your city and also chose it because of her love for Frankie Boyle!"