All the big movie franchises run out of steam in the end.

The first can be novel, capture the imagination and be such a hit that there just has to be a sequel.

After that the formula becomes tired and the cast needs to be freshened up.

So it is with Meaningful Vote.

In January it was the big event with the country gripped, eagerly awaiting the drama and wondering about the ending.

After the credits rolled like all good stories you were left thinking about it for days pondering what the ending actually meant. Has the story really ended or has the way been left for a sequel?

The second instalment, this week in Westminster saw Theresa May, once more defeated in a vote on her deal.

She failed to change the script and so unsurprisingly she met the same fate in the end.

Now after MPs vote to extend the Brexit date we find that the Prime Minister is planning to attempt to resurrect her deal again next week.

Meaningful Vote III will be a rushed job, with the same cast.

Starring Theresa May as the English heroine struggling against adversity, Donald Tusk and Jean-Claude Juncker as the baddies with foreign accents and Jeremy Corbyn as the bogey-man waiting to snatch control.

Bumbling Boris Johnson has played a lesser part and Jacob Rees-Mogg the well spoken, double breasted suit wearing toff still popping up just ahead of each plot twist.

Type cast because of his outward display of good manners. It is said manners maketh the man but motives are worth a watching too and his £7million profit from investments since the Brexit vote merit closer attention.

The people have had enough of watching the same characters, hearing the same dialogue and bit part players demanding a bigger speaking part.

The politicians have proved over the last two and a half years that they cannot achieve a resolution to Brexit.

Theresa May has done all she can. She has tried to get a deal which can be said to respect the referendum result and be acceptable to the country’s parliament.

It’s time she looked for another role.

The Irish backstop has proved too big a hurdle for those in her own party she needed behind her and the DUP.

While trying to placate those who were always going to be almost impossible to please, Mrs May has alienated those in other parties who may have been willing to get a deal through.

But was she ever going to reach out to Jeremy Corbyn and Labour and the SNP, who would have her out of Downing Street faster than a Japanese car boss heading out of the UK.

Meanwhile the full impact of Brexit is hitting home to more and more people.

It was quickly admitted there would be no more money for the NHS, then jobs started to go as big employers looked to safer bets for heir investment.

Stockpiling of food and medicine became a reality and people from other EU nations begin to wonder if it’s worth staying here reassurances or not.

It is time to end the Meaningful Vote franchise, It has ran its course. It was a pale spin off from the much bigger budget EU Referendum anyway.

It’s time for EU Referendum II: The People’s Vote.