A bid to force a second referendum has been rejected by MPs.

An amendment by opposition MPs including two SNP MPs was rejected by 334 to 85.

The bid was moved by independent Sarah Wollaston SNP MPS Phillipa Whitford and Joanna Cherry and one Labour MP.

The Labour leadership however did not support the motion stating it was not the time to be calling for a second vote.

As MPs went through the lobbies to vote the Labour MPs remained in their seats, abstaining on the vote.

The amendment called for Article 50 to be extended to allow for a second referendum to be held which would have included remaining in the EU.

It is the first of four amendments to the government motion on seeking approval to ask for an extension to the Brexit leaving date, that MPs are voting on.

The vote was followed by a decision on an amendment by Labour’s Hilary Benn calling for a series of indicative votes on the range of possibilities to establish a preferred option on Brexit.

It would delay Brexit until the end of June to "enable the House of Commons to find a way forward that can command majority support".

He had support from backbench MPs from Labour, Conservative, SNP and LibDem.

However, it was also defeated by 314, to 312 votes in a nartow victory for the Government.

MPs have still to vote on the government motion to delay Brexit to allow another chance to approve a deal.

Approval would see a short extension but if no agreement is reached then a longer extension would be needed and could require Britain to take part in EU elections.