A LANDLORD’S bid to extend the licence on his West End flat, in a building branded dangerous due to falling stonework, has been rejected.

George Waddell’s attempt to renew his Houses in Multiple Occupation (HMO) licence for the Vinicombe Street property was overruled by councillors.

Hillhead councillor Ken Andrew raised concerns with licensing chiefs, saying there have been problems with the west gable wall since 2014.

He criticised a “lack of action”, adding: “I find it difficult we can allow a HMO to operate in a building in a perilous state of repair. They continue to demonstrate scant disregard as responsible landlords. On that basis, I think this application should be refused.”

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The building has been served with a dangerous buildings notice, highlighting it as a risk to the public. It has been fenced off to protect anyone passing from falling masonry.

Mr Waddell owns one of 10 flats in the five-storey tenement.

Councillor Rhiannon Spear said: “We’re here to make sure the landlord is a fit and proper person to manage the property. You said you were glad the council issued a dangerous building notice. For me that is wildly worrying, it rings massive alarm bells.”

In response, the landlord’s representative Ms Swan said: “When you’re a single owner it’s difficult to enforce repairs. If the council is involved every owner takes it more seriously.

“It would be much better if you could sort it beforehand but sometimes it’s not possible.

“It’s a major repair and it takes a long time to arrange these things.

“Mr Waddell is not in a position to pay 50 per cent. That doesn’t mean he isn’t fit and proper. He has paid his share.”

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A council officer said he didn’t believe there was “any major impediment to progress” now, with most of the funding in place.

However, Ms Spear put forwarded a motion to refuse the application, which was supported by five councillors.

An amendment, to approve subject to conditions, received only three votes.