Scotland is bracing itself for another weekend of wintry weather, but how is Glasgow’s forecast shaping up?

Parts of the country have been majorly affected by Storm Gareth since Monday, and the bad weather is not expected to let up anytime soon.

Yellow ‘be aware’ warnings have been announced and are expected to last between the early hours on Saturday through to the late evening.

We take a look at how Glasgow city centre is going to be affected this weekend with an hour-by-hour forecast:


For any early risers on Saturday morning, they’ll experience the last of the mild weather expected for the day. Clouds are set to get darker very quickly, with temperatures dipping again to almost freezing.


It’s likely that rain will begin to pelt Glasgow between 6am and 7am, with the Met Office predicting a 50% chance of precipitation. Visibility is set to descrease rapidly as the temperature dips to just three degrees.


Temperatures will feel like zero degrees as 7am hits, and Glasgow will begin to experience very heavy rain as predictions state an 80% chance of precipitation. Winds will begin to pick up again and start a very dreary morning for some.


The chance of rain reaches 90% at 8am, and temperatures will feel as though they are below freezing as the Met Office predicts a low two degrees. Wind speeds will again increase as visibility lessens.


Continuing on from the previous hour, heavy rain will continue and temperatures will again dip mid-morning.


Temperatures will remain at two degrees for most of the morning, with winds again picking up in an easterly direction. Visibility is expected to be very poor, and dark cloud is forecast. Heavy rain will continue.


Just before lunch time, we finally have our first chance at snow. It will feel as though it is minus three degrees, and the Met Office predict a strong presence of sleet. They say snow is expected mainly over higher ground, and so it may not fall directly on the city centre. Disruption is expected to some roads and railways.


The chance of rain will slowly start to decrease, and with it our potential first shot at snow. Temperatures remain at a low two degrees, and winds will reach their highest of the day.


The chance of rain/sleet will lower to 60% as we reach early afternoon, and winds will remain at their highest.


The calm before the storm, 2pm will see Glasgow become slightly warmer as visibility improves.


Mid-afternoon brings with it very heavy rain, with the chance of precipitation jumping to 80%. Temperatures will remain at two degrees however, so it is unlikely that snow will hit the low ground of the city centre.


Temperatures will reach three degrees as we head into early evening, and although it is still set to rain, it will not be as heavy as the previous hour.


For anyone heading home at 5pm, the weather will let up slightly as just a 50% chance of rain is expected. Winds, however will pick up at this time to around 19mph.


Although temperatures will remain at 2 degrees, it will feel around four degrees colder as the evening begins. Winds will pick up again, but from here on out they will decrease.


The last of the rain is expected to hit Glasgow between 7pm and 8pm, and temperatures will rise slightly to three degrees.

8pm-11pm: Cloudy

The weather will begin to settle with just a 10% chance of rain and a steady two degrees which will remain for the rest of the night. It’s expected to be a cloudy night, however visibility will greatly improve .

Looking at that hourly forecast, it seems the potential for snow will hit at around 12pm and again at 3pm, but it doesn’t seem likely that this will majorly affect the low ground of the city centre.

It is, however, expected to impact public transport in and out of Glasgow.

A Met Office spokesperson said: "A spell of snow may bring some travel disruption, especially over higher ground.

"There is a small chance of significant travel delays on roads with some stranded vehicles and passengers, along with delayed or cancelled rail and air travel."