HUNDREDS of young people gathered in Glasgow’s George Square Friday to protest government inaction over climate change.

Despite the wind and rain children as young as four, high school and university students from all over Glasgow and beyond came out to chant, hold banners and make their voices heard in front of the City Council chambers.

Franklin Jacob Babu, 23, a student at Glasgow University, lead the crowd making them shout: “hey hey, ho ho, fossil fuels have got to go!” from 11 am.

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Kit Paterson, 9, a pupil at Hillhead primary school, said this was not the first protest he had attended but this one was particularly noisy compared to others.

“We’re trying to encourage people to stop throwing plastic away which is encouraging climate change and we’re basically just trying to change people’s minds about climate change,” he said.

The protest was organised by Megan Rose, 20, an aerospace engineering student at the University of Glasgow who said she was inspired by all the student protests across Europe.

“We want the Glasgow City Council and the Government to declare a climate emergency and commit to having zero emissions by 2025,” she said. “We also want the national curriculum to be reformed to have more focus on climate change and sustainability.”

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At around 1 pm the protest moved towards the City Council chambers building and blocked the road chanting “we want climate justice”. Police stood in front of the main entrance and some staff members came out to watch the protest.

Eilidh Mitchell-Luker, 14, from Williamwood High School, said: “I feel like the politicians are all sitting around and doing nothing and ignoring everything we have to say, and I think we’ve all had enough of it and we want them to listen to us and hear us because it’s our future and something needs to be done about it.

“Unfortunately we are all too young to vote and this really is the only way [to get politicians attention] and us skipping school they are really going to notice.”

By 2pm, the protest had begun to wind down with many protesters heading home, though some remained and continued to chant at passing traffic.