A PUB manager claimed police officers threatened to go after her licence if she didn’t give them a killer’s name.

It claims came as licensing chiefs have punished pub boss Lesley Lyon for failing to alert police after a murder victim clashed with a group of men the day before his death.

Saracen Bar manager Lesley and twin sister Kelly Lyon, 36, claim officers investigating Kenny Reilly’s death threatened to go after their licence if they didn’t give them a name.

But both say they don’t know who committed the murder.

Mr Reilly’s friend Ryan Carvill was caged for three years after pulling out an imitation handgun during what police called a “large-scale disturbance” outside the pub in Possilpark on April 15 last year.

Just a day later, a balaclava-wearing hitman shot Mr Reilly, 29, several times as he sat in the passenger seat of a car at traffic lights on Bilsland Drive, near to Maryhill Road in Ruchill.

The sisters were dragged before city chiefs after Police Scotland called for their licence to be reviewed.

Their representative said: “The police think my client is aware of the person who is responsible for this murder.

“The police did say because you’ve not given us a name, we’re going after your licence.

“I don’t think that’s an appropriate way to use the licensing system.”

However, a Police Scotland representative said the women had failed to report the fight outside the bar.

He also defended the officers’ actions, saying: “It wouldn’t be unusual for an officer to remind people of their responsibilities.”

Lesley, who drove Mr Reilly, his brother and a friend away from the pub, was slapped with a personal licence endorsement. But Kelly, who doesn’t work in the Saracen Street pub, was cleared by the board.

Both sisters said they didn’t report the incident as they weren’t aware of it.

A Police Scotland representative said the altercation, which involved Mr Reilly and his brother, started in the street. CCTV footage showed Carvill with a gun before the fight started.

Mr Reilly was seen leaving in Lesley Lyon’s grey Volkswagen.

Lesley’s representative said she had known Mr Reilly for around 20 years and regularly ran customers home from the pub. He said: “If she’d known there’d been a fight she’d have kicked them out the car.”

Lesley later visited Carvill in prison when the pair became closer after Mr Reilly’s death.

Kelly Lyon, who works in the Inn Bar on Balmore Road, had previously been hauled before the board in 2017 after failing to call the police when a serious assault left a man with “permanent scarring”.

Police Scotland claimed she was aware of the incident involving Mr Reilly. Off-duty Kelly was seen on CCTV after the fight.

Her representative said: “She was off duty, she doesn’t see the incident so how could she report it.”

The pub’s lawyer committed to working with Police Scotland over its future management.