A FORMER cab driver was refused a fresh licence after reversing onto a motorway when he took the wrong exit just after the Clyde Tunnel.

Muhammed Munir, who moved from Pakistan eight-years ago, was travelling northbound on the A739 in March 2015 when he completed the illegal manoeuvre, forcing drivers to break.

Munir claimed the woman he was driving told him to do it. He was fined £200 and had six penalty points put on his licence.

In October 2015 he driving to East Kilbride via Cumnock Road, Glasgow at double to speed limit and overtook an unmarked police car.

He was fined a further £200 and had his licence endorsed with another six penalty points for driving at 60mph when he should have been going at 30mph. Mr Munir was brought before the licensing committee on Thursday.

Six councillors voted to refuse the licence application while Councillors Hanif and Coleman wanted to grant it for one year and issue a serious warning.

Councillor Alex Wilson said: “Speeding itself is shocking especially when you are driving at double the speed limit. The incident at the Clyde Tunnel is beyond comprehension.

“This was an illegal manoeuvre on a carriageway and there is no getting away from that. You put this woman’s life at risk and other drivers on the road.”

A representative for Mr Munir said he was remorseful for his behaviour.

She said: “When he reversed along the motorway he was confused. He had been told by his passenger that he had taken the wrong exit and he had to get back onto the A739.

“The passenger told him to go back onto the motorway and take the next junction. He is very sorry for his actions. This is the one mistake he made. If he gets this licence he will never do that ever again. He has learned from the past.”