TOOTS was reminiscing about that trip to Greece with her gal pals when she threatened to do a Shirley Valentine after I forgot our anniversary.

She was still bringing up my textbook blunder, five years down the line. I wasn’t making that mistake again. I decided to kill two birds with one stone this year, without splashing the cash on a sunshine break with a trip to Babs in the city centre that promises a ‘taste of mediterenean providence in Glasgow city centre.’

Owned by the same cats who run fancy burger joint, Bread Meats Bread they serve up ‘gourmet kebabs’ and other dishes inspired by Greek, Turkish and Levantine cuisine, offering a ‘modern twist’ on Mediterranean dishes.

It certainly looked the part, styled like a Greek taverna and there was barely an empty table. Hopes were high the food would live up to the lively atmosphere.

We were quickly shown to a table by a friendly gal to peruse the expansive menu. The Moll was still on a vegan kick but she’s a big fan of the company’s burger joint so I was hopeful there would be plenty to tempt her tastebuds.

While we decided, I ordered us up a platter of pitta with a kalamata olive dip and it was very quickly served to our table.

The dip was delicious and the waitress was quick to replenish our pitta portion when it was quickly demolished – the portion was a little on the small side. It was a good start and I was hopeful the mains would be just as moreish.

The Moll decided to take her chances on a Vegan Steik Shish, she was a bit disappointed there was only three, dedicated meat-free main choices. Marinated, skewered and chargrilled steik with charred Turkish peppers and seasonal veg with green harissa, pickled cucumber, sweet chillis and pitta on the side.

It sounded delicious and she said the side offerings certainly didn’t disappoint. But she was less happy with the main.

“It’s the kind of dish that makes you want to eat meat again,” she moaned. “Isn’t Glasgow supposed to to be the vegan capital of the UK, this STEIK tastes like rubber.” She said it wasn’t worth the £11 price tag and I had to agree. The ‘stakes’ are high when it comes to vegan food, now. A plethora of vegan restaurants that are delivering far tastier scran for far less bucks.

She spent so much time chewing, she couldn’t speak for the rest of the meal. While I welcomed the respite, it wasn’t quite the Mediterranean paradise I’d been hoping for. I had a feeling she might be rethinking that decision to come back from Corfu.

I ordered the lamb doner wrap and while I didn’t have as many complaints as the Moll, it rated a very ‘average’ on the taste-ometer.

We decided not to take our chances on dessert and ordered up a couple of coffees before I settled up the bill and buckled up in the Buick, passing the Moll a packet of indigestion tablets.



Sharing portion of pitta bread with kalamata olive dip - £3.95

Extra pitta - £1.50


Lamb doner wrap - £7.50

Vegan steik - £11


1 alcohol-free beer - £4

1 glass malbec - £5.50

2 coffees - £5

Total £38.45


FOOD - ⭐⭐



Babs, 49 West Nile Street, Glasgow
Tel: 0141 465 1882