The night before their wedding day most grooms would be practising their speech or hoping the best man will remember the rings.

But for Reece McFadden it will be spent in a different kind of ring trying to avoid getting a black eye or bruising that will spoil the photographs.

Tonight, Reece, 23, takes the next step on his professional boxing career with his second pro bout at the Emirates Arena in Glasgow.

Then, less than 24 hours after the final bell it will be wedding bells that are ringing for Reece.

On Saturday afternoon he takes the biggest step in his personal life, getting married to the love of his live, Samantha Grieve.

Reece, a double Commonwealth Games medallist, taking Bronze in Glasgow 2014 and again in Gold Coast 2018, and multiple Scottish and UK flyweight champion, turned professional last year and his form shows great promise according to his coaches.

But it is a promise to his bride Samantha, 22, that is foremost on his mind tonight.

He said: “I’ve promised her not only will I win the fight, but that I’ll turn up to our wedding the following day without a mark on my face and definitely not with a black eye.”

Reece, from Motherwell, said the fight will be his stag night, with his growing fan base cheering him on.

He added: “I’ve been in strict training for the last three months and I’ll only treat myself to a bottle of beer after I’ve won my second pro fight and after Sammie and me have tied the knot.”

The couple are getting wed on Saturday at Ingliston Country Club in Bishopton.

While Reece is trading blows in the ring Samantha, a dental nurse, will be enjoying a night with her bridesmaids.

She said: “I’m anxious when he fights normally but I’m even more apprehensive this time with the wedding and photographs.

“But I’m marrying a boxer it comes with the territory.

“I’m a bit superstitious so I wont be seeing Reece the night before the wedding.

“Some of the family are going to watch but I’ll be a the wedding venue with my bridesmaids.”