A GOVAN woman has given a frank account of the moment an explosion ripped through a block of flats this morning.

A man and a woman have been taken to hospital following the incident.

Twenty-three people were evacuated from the building in Kennedar Drive as emergency services dealt with the incident.

Police and other emergency services were called to the scene in the Govan area at around 7.05am on Friday.

Denise Smith, a neighbour living in the house next door to explosion, spoke to the Evening Times about what happened.

The 43-year-old said: “I woke up to the glass shattering and I could hear the woman screaming.

“I thought it was a domestic at first and then I could hear the neighbours screaming for help. It was about seven o’clock.

Evening Times:
Denise with her granddaughter Lauren, 8

“It was awful, there was glass all about and everybody was then in the street.

“We told the lady we’d called the fire brigade.

“There was a woman and a man in the flat - could hear nothing from the man, but she was just screaming.

“I seen her getting brought out on a ladder, out the window.

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“Police have said absolutely nothing. They just told me I could get back in the house. Nothing about how it’s been caused or anything.”

The flats are owned by GHA. Managing director Jennifer Russell said: “Our staff were on the scene to help residents affected as soon as we were alerted. People were allowed back in shortly after the incident but we’ll continue to support them with anything they need.

“We’re also working closely with the police and fire services.”

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