TWO wannabe Glasgow wrestlers are leaving their difficult past behind in the hopes of becoming the next Grado.

Marguerita Vonral and Achille Mkoh will be put through their paces on a new BBC Scotland series Rogue to Wrestler, to find the next star of Insane Championship Wrestling.

But, it hasn’t been in the easiest journey for the pair who both credit the gym with bringing them back to life after personal traumas.

For bodybuilder Marguerita that difficulty came in the form of the sudden loss of her fiancé Dave.

The 35-year-old from Milton was driving back from her partner of two year’s victorious bodybuilding competition four years ago when he suddenly went “red”.

Speaking on the show, which airs the first of three episodes tonight, the Glasgow School of Art graduate and proud “scheme bird” said: “We were just talking, he was dead excited, I think he was the happiest I’ve ever seen him.He was so, so excited about winning.

“I actually can’t remember the last thing he said, I don’t remember, whatever it was it was mid-sentence – it annoys me I don’t remember.

“He made this funny noise and he was pure red. I thought he was having a joke and I went ‘Dave’, nothing. He just slumped forward.”

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Marguerita rushed to the nearest hospital but it was too late.

She added: “When I first came back here, I would sit with his clothes and look at this stuff and go through that pain everyday. It wasn’t making me better, it was making me worse.

“I couldn’t eat, I couldn’t sleep, I couldn’t leave the house for having a panic attack, I didn’t go to work, I was back living with my mum.”

But, her determination at the gym turned it all around and the new reality show has given Marguerita, now known as Showtime Mags Vonral, a new focus.

Despite being the only woman competing among seven other athletes from across Scotland, she believes she has what it takes to be declared the champion.

She said: “Coming in seeing it was all guys, it was a bit of a shock initially but, when you’re in the ring, you’re just a body.

“I’m not thinking ‘this is a guy’ and after a couple of rumbles they just want to knock me out as much as I want to knock them out.

“Your social circumstances shape you as a person and a lot of people if they seen me would think ‘she’s from a bad area, coming from a bad family but you can turn those perceptions around [in the ring].”

While 28-year-old Achille, known as Lil Scoop, has relied on five-year-old daughter Tiara to keep him in line during his training.

The single dad, originally from Cameroon, moved to Scotland in 2011 to complete a degree in computing technical support and just two years ago won “the biggest fight” of his life to gain full custody of the youngster.

Now, he’s ready to take on the ultimate wrestling challenge despite admitting he found the training process harder than expected.

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“When you want something, you have to just got to forget the pain and get through it,” he said.

“Sometimes your body can’t take as much as you expect but you’ve got to get through it.”

The duo will be put through their paces by ICW boss Mark Dallas and pro-wrestlers Lee Greig, known as Jack Jester, and Adrian McCallum, known as Lionheart.

And, already they’ve both experienced brutal injuries, with Marguerita ripping out a piercing while in the ring and Achille being forced to ask mentor Lee to “pop”his thumb back into place after he dislocated it during a match.

The winner will take home the coveted Rogue to Wrestler belt and be able to embark on full-time training at the Townhead Asylum Gym to prepare for their professional wrestling career.

l Rogue to Wrestler starts on BBC Scotland on March 26.

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