An estimated one million protesters have descended onto the streets of London to demand a new Brexit referendum.

As many as one million people are marching through London on Saturday, in a rallying call to the Prime Minister, that the electorate should be granted the right to a second Brexit referendum.

Marching from Park Lane protesters will congregate in Parliament Square and alongside M.P's from a variety of different political parties demand that Theresa May provide voters with the opportunity to decide once again.

Many of the M.P's will be speaking at Parliament Square, including London Mayor Sadiq Khan, Scotland's First Minister Nicola Sturgeon, Deputy Labour Leader Tom Watson amongst others.

Dubbed the "Put it to the People" march, #PutItToThePeople, #PeoplesMarch and #PeoplesVoteMarch have all been trending on Twitter with protesters posting pictures and videos of the march, alongside their protest banners. 

There are estimates that following October's march, of which nearly 700,000 people were in attendance, this afternoon's would top the million mark in what could be the biggest protest march since the 2003 Iraq War protest.

The protest follows the online petition requesting a halt to Brexit, that so far has exceeded more than 4.2 million signatures, ensuring its place in history as the most popularly signed petition ever submitted to the Parliament website.