Glasgow residents have had their say on the introduction of metal detectors at a popular shopping centre.

As previously reported by the Evening Times, Braehead shopping centre has installed the additionally safety measures next to their 'red' carpark.

Customers are to be asked whether they consent to the checks and if not, are directed to another side of the centre.

Retailers are said to be worried that the change might deter customers.

However, Glasgow shoppers have voiced their support for the move.

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Evening Times reader Sharon Lawson commented: "I would rather they done this knowing we are safe with the things going on around the world than them doing nothing at all. So good on you Intu."

Kevin Murray added: "If you've nothing to hide then why should this bother anyone ? If these help prevent any major incidents happening then surely they are a good thing?"

John Campbell Clark  said: "Folk need to chill, it's for their protection."

Shay Mac posted: "I personally think it's a good thing, well done Braehead."

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A few commentators said they thought the introduction was a step too far.

George Mitchell added: "The folks with the knifes will just use the other entrance."

Bosses at the centre have said these are similar measures which have already been put in place at The Arena in Braehead.

A spokesperson for intu Braehead said: “Keeping people safe is our absolute priority and we're always looking at new ways to improve security and provide reassurance to our customers.

“We have already used scanners at the entrance to The Arena at intu Braehead and we are trialling the same technology at the centre for a short time only. We don't expect it to cause disruption for people coming and going.

“It's normal for us to test different security measures throughout the year and it's important to stress that this doesn't relate to a specific threat."

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