A recent survey for Medicine Direct has revealed that almost 70% per cent of the UK (we're looking at you Glasgow), has not had an STI check for more than five years.

A new campaign is hoping to both raise awareness and take the stigma away from getting yourself tested. Many STI's are effectively symptomless but can lead to long term and permanent damage to your body.

Using some pretty brutal but eyecatching images, the campaign named 'Fruit Of Your Loins', is using fruit to highlight the most common symptoms, as according to the website www.medicinedirect.co.uk, tweeting photos of STI symptoms "doesn't go down too well".

Most STI cases can be treated with antibiotics, and discreet sexual health kits can be attained from either your local GP or Medicine Direct.

The survey discovered that 33% of people when asked, had never received any form of sexual education, while a further 20% described their sex-ed as being either poor or awful.

Have a look at the photos in our gallery, and tell us that they don't make you consider your sexual health and want to take better care of yourself.

Contact your local GP if you have any concerns about your sexual health, and whatever you do don't post about it on social media.