A heartbroken family have offered a £1000 reward for the safe return of Nala their Shar Pei dog.

Nala was last seen in Strathclyde Park but after being attacked by another dog ran away, and Nala's owners are becoming increasingly worried about her whereabouts and safety.

As a result of the attack Nala suffered several bites, Debbie and her family have stated that the family dog is very timid and is not to be flushed out in case she runs away and is lost to the family forever.

The reward was originally £500, but thanks to family members it has now been increased to £1000, the local community have rallied around to ensure that the well loved, four legged member of the family, returns home safe and sound. 

A Help Find Nala Facebook page has been created, with the group having already amassed more than 2000 members.

Posters have been put up around the local area, while friends and family have been conducting searches hoping to locate the estranged family dog.

Nala is about the size of a Staffordshire Bull Terrier, and although there have been several reported sightings none have been confirmed as the distinctive looking pet.

The Evening Times spoke to Nala's owner Debbie, speaking positively and fondly she said: "Nala has such a unique personality, but is completely scared of her own shadow, she'll run away from anyone who tries to approach her, she'll only approach someone from our family, her circle of trust.

"She absolutely loves the family, she got bitten, got a fright, and ran off, tomorrow will be an entire week she's been away from home. There have been a couple of sightings but nothing concrete so far.

"We have two lost dog charities involved with the search 'Lost Dog Glasgow' and 'Harvey's Army', and they've both been amazing, we're very hopefull that Nala will be home soon.

"If you see her, take a photo and contact the Facebook page, or a member of the family.

"Thanks very much for everyone's help so far."

Check the Facebook page for more information on Nala's appeal, and let's hope that Debbie and Nala are reunited before too long.