VICTIMS of serial abuser John McDade sobbed and applauded as the comic was today jailed for four years.

The 37-year-old - who won Virgin's New Stand Up of the Year in 2014 - was described as a "serious danger to women" after being convicted of horrific domestic abuse and stalking.

Remorseless McDade, 37, blew kisses to two female victims and smirked before he was put behind bars for four years and three months.

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The women - who both gave evidence against McDade in 2013 - arrived at Airdrie Sheriff Court this morning to see the brute finally locked up.

One victim, a 33-year-old nurse, endured a sickening assault by McDade between January and June 2011.

McDade was convicted of slapping her on the face, kicking her on the legs and body, and pushing her to the ground to her injury.

After applauding his jail sentence in in court, the brave woman said: "He's a psychopathic predator and a real life Dirty John.

"I'm glad he's been put behind bars but four years still isn't enough.

"He's shown no remorse and tried to intimidate me by blowing kisses.

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"He's a narcissist and preys on women he perceives as vulnerable."

She added: "He just moves on and leaves a trail of devastation."

Between May 2005 and November 2007, another former victim was tied up and locked in a cupboard by McDade before he dragged her up the stairs by her hair.

The woman, who was with him for three years, cried as her abuser was finally jailed for the attacks on his latest victims.

Now 38, she said: "He's a total manipulator who charms women and lies about who he is.

"When I was with him he'd even get suited and booted every day to go to his pretend job that he didn't have.

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"He can't be in a long term relationship without abusing a woman.

"He's a psychopath and a predator.

"It's good that he's going to jail but it doesn't make up for all the lives that he damaged."