THREE victims of serial abuser John McDade yesterday branded the comic a "psychopath" after he was jailed for four years.

The women, who asked not to be named, bravely opened up about their hell at the hands of the 37-year-old while they were dating him.

McDade was deemed a "serious danger to women" after being convicted of horrific domestic abuse and two counts of stalking against a further two victims.

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The award-winning stand-up, from Coatbridge, was jailed for four years for a total of six charges against two women and an additional three months for breaking bail conditions.

Before being handed his punishment at Airdrie Sheriff Court, the thug blew kisses to two former female victims and smirked at them as he was led into the dock.

Last night ex-partner Gillian McTominay, 29, told how she warned cops five years ago that the thug would abuse again after he dodged jail for an attack on her and two others.

Gillian, of Cambuslang said: "When I found out about the recent attack on two other exes I actually started crying.

"I was so sad that he had done something so horrific to another woman.

"A policeman came to my work and asked me to give a statement about our relationship because he had badly beaten his most recent ex-girlfriend and they wanted to prove a pattern of behaviour.

"He slapped me on one occasion and I forgave him then one night he hit me a few more times and I threw him out.

"It was gut wrenching to know that he had got away with what he had done without any major consequence."

In November 2013 McDade - who won Virgin's New Stand Up of the Year in 2014 - was given community service after the brutal assault on Gillian.

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A charge of him attempting to menace her with a knife at her home in Cambuslang was found not proven.

During the same trial at Glasgow Sheriff Court he was also found guilty of attacks on two other ex-partners.

Gillian said: "He was found guilty and given a community service order.

"He tried to appeal too but that was rejected."

During vicious assaults on Gillian between October 2007 and December 2009, he slapped her, twisted her leg and punched her on the head.

She claimed he used coercive control and tried to stop her from seeing friends and relatives - including her own father.

Gillian, who left him after he beat her for a second time, said: "He stopped me seeing my friends and made me come home from a holiday early by lying and telling me he was sick in hospital.

"That’s when it became apparent he didn’t like me going out even if it was just with my dad never mind friends.

"I lost contact with so many people during the relationship. I was only 18 or 19 at the time so I was very naive about all of it.

"I felt guilty that I didn’t go to the police myself when we broke up because in my head I thought I could have prevented this from happening.

"When I first met him he was so funny and kind and would do anything for you. It all started to change about five months in.

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"I actually think I was very lucky. The abuse that the most recent women have suffered says to me that he’s become more violent."

More than five years ago was also convicted of a sickening assault on another woman.

The victim, now 38, was tied up and locked in a cupboard by McDade before he dragged her up the stairs by her hair.

The woman, who was with him for three years, cried as her abuser was finally jailed for the attacks on his latest victims.

She said: "He's a total manipulator who charms women and lies about who he is.

"When I was with him he'd even get suited and booted every day to go to his pretend job that he didn't have.

"He can't be in a long term relationship without abusing a woman.

"He's a psychopath and a predator.

"It's good that he's going to jail but it doesn't make up for all the lives that he damaged."

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A third victim also endured a sickening assault by McDade between January and June 2011.

McDade was convicted of slapping her on the face, kicking her on the legs and body, and pushing her to the ground to her injury.

She applauded in court as the Coatbridge comic was sent to jail.

The 33-year-old nurse said: "He's a psychopathic predator and a real life Dirty John.

"I'm glad he's been put behind bars but four years still isn't enough.

"He's a narcissist and preys on women he perceives as vulnerable.

"He just moves on and leaves a trail of devastation."