Sunday parking charges

SINCE Glasgow City Council is determined to hammer the final nail in the coffin of Glasgow’s City Centre’s shops and restaurants with this crazy decision on Sunday parking charges, maybe it could at least ensure that, if a Sunday is going to be treated like any other day, then ALL of the transport links will run a FULL service and NOT a Sunday service.

The current Sunday service will no longer be fit for purpose.

This should be put in place before it brings in the new charges which will at least give the people of Glasgow a reasonable chance of getting around the city.

Frank McCambridge, via email

Airport rail link

I COMPLETELY agree with the recent article on the rail link.

The proposal for some form of pod carrier from Paisley to the airport is a load of nonsense and a waste of money.

The airport needs some form of main line connection to cope with the volume of passengers that come mainly from the east and north of the airport and every study shows that.

In the latest cancellation we were told by the SNP Government, Glasgow City Council and Transport Scotland that capacity at Central Station was the problem, but in the recent TV documentary about Central, it was quite clearly stated that the station regularly puts on an extra 25 trains over a two-hour period to transport people to concert and football events, so why is it impossible to double that amount over 18 hours.

As far as I am concerned our great city will never flourish with the SNP in power.

Ian Stewart, via email

Pod plan

AWFUL idea that will not be used. Why would anyone want to get off a plane to get a pod to Paisley and get off the pod and get a train to Glasgow? I’d rather get a taxi.

Either do a direct link (not ScotRail linked) monorail or something - or do nothing.

Mike mcl, posted online