Merchant City was bustling with camera crews this afternoon as filming got underway for the new BBC Scotland drama, Guilt.

The drama, being filmed by Expectation Entertainment and Happy Tramp North, will feature Bell Street, Albion Street and TriBeCa.

Crews and production lighting was seen on the corner of Bell Street and Albion Street this afternoon filming a fictional Edinburgh record shop called Leith Beats.

Filming is expected to take place today, as well as April 15 and 16.

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When the Council granted permission for filming to go ahead, the production company said they were planning to film a scene which looked like "the aftermath of a fire".

A spokesman said: “We have sought and been granted permission by Glasgow City Council to implement a road closure for the duration of these scenes.

"This particular scene will look like the aftermath of a fire. There will be two fire engines parked on the road and extras dressed as firemen. There will also be a wetting down of the pavement and road.”

Glasgow is fast becoming the go to spot for film crews. The Merchant City was used for filming Fast and Furious last year, and Steven Spielberg's new war epic expected to film at Govan docks this summer.