Football club decision

As a Celtic supporter I fully applaud Heart of Midlothian owner, Anne Budge, who has decided to close a section of the ground in response to anti-social elements within the support.

We all have a responsibility to back this action and hope that the message will eventually get through to the morons that we want to take our football back to the basics of respect, win, lose or draw.

At the end of the day it is a game that we should all enjoy without the presence of people with no respect for anyone else.

Let’s bring back the enjoyment of the sport and leave the hatred and disrespect behind.

MA, Glasgow

Virgin Trains decision

It would be a pity if Virgin lost out on the West Coast Line as they do a pretty good job, certainly compared to some other rail companies.

Martin Neilson, posted online

Struggling high streets

THERE’S no issues with parking, beggars or filth if you go to out of town retail parks.

These issues have to be addressed if the city centre is going to attract people to come in.

Shug McKenzzie, posted online

Finnieston favourite

IT’S amazing to see the difference in Finnieston now-a-days (Finnieston named among top ten placed to live in Scotland, Friday).

The transformation just shows what can be done to areas in Glasgow with a little bit of investment.

I hope this sort of success can be replicated in Sauchiehall Street once the Avenue Project is completed.

LM, via email

Dippy success

I’LL be sad to see Dippy leave Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum.

The exhibit has been such a success for the city and amazing to look at when you visit the museum.

Hopefully Glasgow can continue attracting exhibits like this as it does help attract tourists and the city’s reputation.

Jane W, Glasgow