A MUM has slammed education bosses who she claims have let her children down.

Kerrie Mowat's daughter Sinead Bruce was initially denied a place in P1 at her local school, St Francis Primary.

Instead, Glasgow City Council wanted the five-year-old to travel from the Gorbals to Holy Cross primary in Govanhill.

Meanwhile, Kerrie's oldest son Sean has been out of school since last October over a school placement wrangle.

For Sinead, Kerrie set up an online petition - gathering more than 800 signatures - and contacted the Evening Times out of frustration with the council.

The 32-year-old said: "Both my children have been let down by Glasgow City Council.

"My partner and I were contacted on Friday to say that Sinead will now have a place at St Francis after all.

"Of course we're pleased but I don't understand how that's come about and I think it's ridiculous that I have had to go through all of that stress to get my child into her local school."

Mum-of-four Kerrie has seven-year-old Kyle in P3 at St Francis Primary.

Sean and Kyle are on the autism spectrum while Sinead is being assessed for autism.

This meant there was a slight delay in applying for a P1 school place for Sinead as it was uncertain whether she would go to an additional needs school or whether mainstream would be suitable.

Kerrie received a letter earlier this month saying there was no space for Sinead at St Francis and instead she would be offered a place at Holy Cross.

Sinead, also mum to baby Brian, said: "I was born in the Gorbals and my parents attended St Francis Primary.

"Her health visitor and the nursery said it is really important she has a smooth transition from nursery to the primary schools so they have done things like already buddied her up with another little girl she'll be going to school with.

"I don't know what Glasgow City Council was thinking.

"I couldn't be at two different schools at once both at 9am and 3pm, I can't split myself into two places.

"They suggested I could send Sinead to school in a taxi at my own expense but I was not putting my little girl in a taxi on her own to an area she doesn't know.

"We are also practising Catholics and St Francis Church is our parish. It was also important to me that Sinead be raised in our own parish so it is a relief she will be."

Kerrie said she was forced to tell Sinead she wouldn't be going to St Francis Primary in order to prepare her, which left the little girl upset and worried.

A council spokeswoman said: "We can confirm that all catchment children who’ve registered for St Francis Primary school have been offered a P1 place.

"We recognise that this can be a worrying time for parents when there is so much fluctuation in the system with parents changing their minds and granting placing requests."

At the same time Kerrie has been dealing with a placing issue regarding Sean.

The 13-year-old was a pupil at Holyrood Secondary School but, Kerrie claims, the school said it was not able to support his additional needs.

Kerrie says she has been given almost no support to find a new placement for Sean - although she hopes a placing request to Whitehill Secondary will be successful - and so he has been out of school since last October.

Kerrie said: "I have contacted the school, Donald Macleod at the education department, social work and an advocacy service.

"But I've been offered almost no support and am still waiting to see what will happen with Whitehill.

"The whole thing has been very stressful."

The council spokeswoman added: "The school and head office education officers have and will continue to work with the family to make sure we meet to the needs of this young person.

"However, due to the holidays we are unable to comment further until we can speak to the school and work to resolve this issue."