GLASGOW City Council have accused climate change protestors of wasting "precious time, money and resources".

Councillor Anna Richardson agreed there was a "climate emergency" facing the city but warned protests carried out by Extinction Rebellion previously resulted in cash being ploughed into removing 80 metres of graffiti on roads and pavements outside the city chambers in George Square.

She urged the group, who have scaled the Finnieston Crane with banners this morning in a stark warning against the dangers of climate change, to contribute "constructively" by working with the council's Climate Emergency Working Group.

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Cllr Richardson said: “There can be no doubt that Glasgow, along with the rest of the world, is facing a climate emergency.

"The enormous challenge created by climate change is exactly why the council has set up a working group and asked for recommendations on the way forward.

"I have already made the commitment that I will act on these recommendations.

“Members of Extinction Rebellion are part of our Climate Emergency Working Group.

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"This gives them a real opportunity to contribute constructively to the debate on carbon reduction and influence what Glasgow does in the face of a global threat.

“Unfortunately, after their previous protest, precious time, money and resources were wasted when staff had to remove 80 metres of graffiti which had been daubed on roads and pavements outside the city chambers.”