Patients using Glasgow's hospitals have questioned the quality of food on offer to the those receiving treatment.

Catering at hospitals run by NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde (NHS GGC) was last week named as the best in the UK.

The health board beat competition from across the country to win the Catering Service of the Year at the Hospital Caterers Association awards.

However, those who have used the hospitals have now shared their own mixed reviews of the food in the area's hospitals, with one calling them "barely edible".

One wrote online: "Due to long term illness I've had the misfortune to have had to endure hospital food over the years with very mixed results across the board's area but quite frankly the meals currently being served up are barely edible at times."

Christopher McColgan added:"Having spent a good bit of time in hospital this last year I can firmly say this has to be a joke and I would hate to see what others are serving to patients in hospitals as the food I had was the worst I have ever had."

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This view has been echoed by many other former patients on both the Evening Times' website and on social media.

Angela McGinley wrote:"I’ve tried the hospital food and I would not even feed it to a dog."

Another former patient posted: "Who voted them best? Someone who has never been in hospital? When I was in it was rank rotten."

Others have come to the defence of NHS GGC, sharing their positive experiences of the food in hospitals.

Anne McCurley wrote:"I've been in the Royal Infirmary in Glasgow on several occasions and always found the food edible. It wasn't what I'd normally eat at home but I never had any bother with it and ate the lot."

James Hargreaves added:"The food served is perfectly edible! Gourmet maybe not!"

The effort by catering bosses to ackowledge the individual needs of the hospitals' patients was also noted.

Lisa Irvine posted:"I have dietary requirements and can honestly say QEUH has been the best. I was in a long period of time and there wasn't a meal time where I didn't have something."

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In response, the health board that criticism from patients on the quality of food is taken on board.

A spokesman for NHS GGC added: "These awards, voted by catering professionals, recognise the commitment and dedication of our hardworking NHS staff in producing more than 3.5 million meals annually across the 12 hospitals providing care for our residents.

"In recent years we have invested £10 million to create two new kitchens which produce fresh, nutritious, healthy food for our patients. These enable us to deliver varied meals for a large number of patients who often have a range of differing dietary requirements.

"Each and every one of our catering staff is passionate about giving our patients meal choices that suit their needs and help their recovery as well as providing a range of alternative menus to meet any special dietary needs. We continually speak with patients to ensure we receive ongoing feedback on what we’re doing right and take on board any potential new ideas we can introduce to the service."

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