A SCOTTISH Domino's worker has celebrated the return of Game of Thrones by recreating a part of the hit show.

Gregor Donnelly spent, what we're assuming was, a quiet night at work making his own Iron Throne - made entirely from pizza boxes and Irn Bru bottles.

In a spin on the series' famous slogan "winter is coming", Gregor wrote: "Pizza is coming".

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The fast food worker fashioned his own cloak from an apron and recreated the famous HBO show pose on social media.

Taking to Twitter to share his creation, he wrote: "Iron Throne I built in work #GameofThrones #yaldi"

The post quickly racked up more than 57,000 likes and 12,000 retweets from fans who dubbed the idea as "genius".

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Drinks giant Barr, behind the beloved Irn Bru juice, also approved tweeting Gregor's employer saying: "Give this man a pay rise."

And, Domino's are certainly onboard with the creation.

The pizza firm tweeted: "Ser Gregory, first of his name, House Domino's salutes you."

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