A HOMELESS protest leader is continuing his George Square demo despite an agreement to dismantle their camp.

Protesters had agreed to leave George Square after they were offered special services to house them.

However a group of yellow vests protesters have taken up camp at the site including Jason Miller, 27, who has been at the site for several days.

Inspired by the Gilet Jaunes movement in France, the organisation in Glasgow say they want their voice to be heard by the Court of Human Rights.

A new group in which Mr Miller is part of seem to have taken over the site.

Last week Glasgow City Council were granted a decree from the Sheriff Court giving them the power to remove the campers within 24 hours.

Jason Miller confirmed they would not be going anywhere soon and that he was not afraid of enforcement officers evicting them.

He said: “We are going nowhere. We want to get to the Court of Human Rights. We are fighting for justice for all the homeless people.

“We are all happy to be arrested and are prepared for it. We are here to stand up for our own people. This is for the homeless men and women across Scotland.

“I am not giving up until they have a home.”

The local authority confirmed Mr Miller had been joined by new protesters after they had provided temporary accommodation.

A spokeswoman for Glasgow City Council said: “All the homeless people in the camp have been provided with accommodation and are being given a complex needs assessment as promised in court last week.

“The one activist who remains was not homeless. We have been informed that he is being joined by so-called Gilets Jaune or anarchists. We’re currently monitoring the situation.”