AN EASTER Sunday parade by a loyal order group which was set to pass a Catholic church where a priest was attacked following an Orange parade in July will be re-routed.

Glasgow councillors made the decision to alter the Apprentice Boys of Derry parade after receiving intelligence from the police at a meeting this morning.

Superintendent John McBride, speaking on behalf of the Chief Constable, said the original route would potentially cause a "significant risk to public order".

REVEALED: Revised route of loyal order group’s Easter Sunday parade as council re-routes it​

The new route will not pass St Alphonsus' church, on London Road, where Canon Tom White was assaulted last year.

Two men representing the Apprentice Boys of Derry walked out after the council decided against rearranging the hearing.

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They had made the request so a member from Edinburgh could speak at the meeting.

Superintendent McBride said: "Police Scotland is now in receipt of intelligence which leads me to believe that the parade route as notified provides for a risk to the public."

He said over 100 officers would be needed to deal with the parade, including specialist officers in public order attire and "other specialisms which I wouldn't go into in a public forum".

The officer also said the force expected a protest against the parade as well as a significant number of people to turn out in support of the marchers.

"The route proposed is one which takes the parade sufficiently away from either church which I wouldn't anticipate their would be a protest against the parade," he said.

"The unknown quantity is how the supporters of the parade may view such a re-route.

"We will have a policing operation in place to deal with any unhappiness."

The Apprentice Boys of Derry had put forward an amended route to avoid key services times but this would still have passed St Alphonsus and its sister church St Mary's.

The committee made a unanimous decision to impose conditions on the procession, specifically amending the route.

The Apprentice Boys of Derry had put forward an amended route to avoid key services times but this would still have passed St Alphonsus and its sister church St Mary's.

A council officer revealed 81 representations were made by members of the public, with a number raising fears the parade would "inflame tensions" in the local community.

She said: "Many of the representations refer to the procession being anti-Catholic, anti-Irish and going against the sanctity of what they consider to be the most religious day of the Christian calendar.

"One individual raises significant concerns for his own safety if the parade proceeds past this church."

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The Archdiocese of Glasgow tweeted: "We welcome the decision of @GlasgowCC to re-route the march planned for Easter Sunday morning past St Alphonsus and St Mary's.

"The right of ordinary people to go to Mass on Easter morning, free from intimidation and fear is one that must be respected and defended."

The committee made a unanimous decision to impose conditions on the parade, amending the route.

A representative from Glasgow Evangelical Church, where the parade will finish, said he feared more parades would now be clamped down on.

He said the situation involving Canon White was "disgusting" but had been exaggerated.

"It's a disgraceful decision," he said. "This is a terrible thing for democracy, that legitimate people have been banned from marching to chruch.

"The Easter service is the highest day in the calendar for all Christians, not just for Roman Catholics.

"The Easter service is all about love, Jesus says to love your neighbours and your enemy. These people are denying the right of fellow Christians marching to church. It's a terrible decision."

Canon Tom White was spat on outside his church. Bradley Wallace, 24, from Uddingston, was jailed for 10 months for the assault.

The new route:


Tullis Street, Main Street, Bridgeton Cross, London Road, Fielden Street, Gallowgate, Bellgrove Street, Duke Street, John Knox Street, dispersing into Cathedral Square


Cathedral Square, John Knox Street, Duke Street, Bellgrove Street, Gallowgate, Fielden Street, London Road, Bridgeton Cross, James Street, Mackeith Street, Main Street, dispersing into Tullis Street.