WINNING school pupils will see their poster designs on billboards around Glasgow as they urge other youngsters to eat more vegetables.

Glasgow Community Food Network (GCFN) launched the poster competition in support of the Veg Cities and Veg Power campaigns.

The design competition helped school children think about the advertising they see every day and learn how to make vegetables fun and exciting to other young people.

The primary school category winning design was made by P6 pupils at Thornwood Primary School while the secondary school category was made by S3 pupil Aseel Sayah at Lourdes Secondary School.

Both pupils will get support from Scottish based creative agency Stripe Communications to prep their work to be displayed on Clear Channel digital billboards.

Teacher Gemma Meharg from Thornwood Primary in Patrick said: "The kids came up with the idea when we were thinking about what made Glasgow really special – Glasgow monuments and the people.

"Working in collaboration meant that they were able to research and develop the idea and produce a high quality piece.

"They really got to grips with the brief and understood the audience.

"I'm really proud of their efforts and cannot wait to see their work around the city.

"Watch out world, I reckon we've got the graphic designers and marketers of the future right here."

Aseel added: "We got to eat vegetables in the art class.

"Then we made portraits with cut up vegetables. My class was laughing so much making our poster design; it was great fun.

"I am looking forward to seeing my poster design make people smile.

"I hope my poster makes children want to eat more vegetables."

Some 40 schools with more than 300 entries competed with each other to see which pupil could come up with the best poster design showing the power of vegetables.

Then 10 finalists from a total of 300 entries from primary and secondary schools had their posters judged by Dan Parker from the Veg Power campaign, and creative design agencies Warriors Studio's and BC Printing.

The winning schools received six gardening and cooking sessions from Glasgow Community Food Network and a Veg Power recipe book.

Corinne Twaddle, PT Art and Design, Lourdes Secondary, added: "Working with vegetables as the art medium was a brilliant idea that our student teacher came up with.

"The idea really inspired the pupils to see veg in a new way; selecting veg for their colours, form and texture to construct their portraits.

"The class worked excitedly like creative chefs, gathering their ingredients to create happy portraits full of goodness."

Both pupils got support from creative agency Stripe Communications to prep their work for the Clear Channel digital billboards.

All design and advertising support was donated.

Abi Mordin, chairwoman at Glasgow Community Food Networ,k wants to see affordable fresh local fruit and veg readily available to everyone across Glasgow and beyond.

Abi said: "Everyone deserves and has the right to good, nutritious and affordable food.

"We want to spread the love of veg, celebrate what we can grow in Glasgow and Scotland, and share skills so that everyone can prepare tasty veg with confidence.

"This veg poster design campaign has helped kids have fun with veg and think about the advertising they see everyday.

"We hope getting positive messages out there about healthy food can play a part in shifting peoples perspectives and kids can play a part in making that happen.

"Our Veg Cities campaign hopes to get more people in Glasgow growing, cooking and eating veg."