Pest controller shock

I WAS surprised to read about the council pest controller who arrived with a golf club to take care of rats in a family home (Evening Times, Friday).

Surely a professional pest controller wouldn’t even contemplate using such techniques to control such an infestation? It’s beyond words.

Russell Lindsay, via email

Motorway training

I THINK it is time new drivers go through motorway training before they are allowed a full licence.

It is too late for some who will just never learn. Drivers who suddenly realise they are in the wrong lane on the Kingston Bridge just cause hazards. I had one driver stop dead this morning in a lane – how is traffic behind meant to react to that?

Maybe we need to make new generations more motorway savvy and this might help safety on our roads.

C Perkins, Glasgow

McLeish sacking

IN regards to the sacking of Alex McLeish as Scotland manager, Derek Johnstone is right when he says that the SFA needs a good shake-up (Evening Times, Friday).

I would go further and say that football needs a complete re-organisation.

The old boys network and endless committees needs to end, young blood with fresh ideas for the future is badly needed to take football in Scotland out of the dark ages.

MA, Glasgow

London protesters

Folk complaining about the recent inconvenience in London remind me of the East German Berlin Wall guard.

When the Berlin Wall came down, reporters asked an East German border guard what he thought about it. ‘A terrible thing’, he replied. ‘Now I’m out of work’.

Some folk really can’t grasp the bigger picture.

Barry Tighe, via email